It is unusual screen that arrange Nene, Yodogimi ,Hideyori(a child for backs) and three daughters of Toyotomi family under a cherry blossomtree.It is said the writer is Hideyori Kanou. It takes the composition that resembled closely with a figure of his Takao maple-tree viewing screen (a national treasure) partly.( personal possession)
Screen of Toyotomi mother and child feast
old photograph
In posthumously of Taisyoken, Sojurou Fujiwara  of Osaka purchased the most of his collection.These became the basis that made the name of the an antique shop "Fujiwara Hachiman dou" famous.This article is one of the treasures of Taisyoken.
In addition, it was exhibited to temporary exhibition "Armor of Kohoku(The north ground of Lake Biwa-ko) "in Nagahama Castle history Museum, 1989.
This is a Kabuto of a Nobuie product (1518)considered to be the successive generations of the the Azais since Sukemasa Azai.Nagamasa Azai is the hero of Sengoku era.
The shikoro and the Fukikaeshi are quite made carefully.
Taisyoken Nakamura of influential townsfolk of Minamifunamachi,Nagahama  owned this.Taisyoken is a person known as arms collector before World War II more.
62 ken suji kabuto Nobuie Myochin products
   Nagamasa Azai used
(personal possession)

The introduction of a precious materials

Naosuke Ii of the chief ministry of the late Tokugawa period was attacked and killed outside of the Sakurada-mon Gate by lordless samurai of Mito and Satsuma among the up Castle in 3 in March, 1860.This is a well-known megaterrorism case. The pair of swords which Saburouemon Kusakabe who acted as the chief of attendants of the Iis put on at that time was discovered. Because the samurais of the attendant completely protected swords from a heavy snow with such as a hilt cover and a brim cover etc, therefore, they are not able to fight. And it was in a miserable situation.Two swords of Kusakabe are the precious material which leather sheath and hilt covers did existence (there is a sword wound to a hilt cover) which is peculiar to the Iis.He was a senior samurai of Hikone feudal clan and done a surprise attack (instant death) of first by the Mito side. His adopted child was Meikaku Kusakabe who was looked up to as a Japanese great calligrapher in Meiji.
The swords (long and short) of the chief of attendants of
the Iis brough at the case out of Sakurada-mon Gate
(personal possession)

It is the koto which Nariaki Tokugawa makes this, and it gave for Yoshitatsu Matsudaira of the Takasu feudal lord.The song which Nariaki made is caved on the back of the koto with raised lacquer work.There is the other carving of the handwriting of Nariaki with vermilion inside. It shows a production place, the name of an era, paraph.The contents which Nariaki gave for Yoshitatsu are written inside of the box.
The written name of an era is Koka 2.
Then Nariaki was behaving himself.
A wife of Yoshitatsu was an older sister of Nariaki.And Yoshitatsu and Nariaki were the same age.At that time,there may have been an act that Yoshitatsu encouraged Nariaki  who confined himself to his house.
The koto may have been a return favor for it.It is very unusual for a daimyo to give it his own musical instrument.Two relationship seems be close at that time.
Nariaki is proficient in a koto.There is the anecdote that he let Tarozaemon Egawa play the koto.
It is valuable historical materials to indicate that a central figure of the stour at the late of Tokugawa period had such a deep hobby.
The koto (a long Japanese zither with thirteen strings)
made by Nariaki Tokugawa
(personal possession)

It is the unusually valuable screen which drew the Sawayama castle of Mitsunari Ishida on from the Hikone side.Because the business card of the times when Akihiko Okubo (the master of Umoreginoya) who was the descendant of the former Hikone clansman did the house steward of the Iis is affixed. It is estimated when it was the former stored possession of the Iis.
The screen which Sawayama castle was drawn on for the subject is only this product. (personal possession)
The screen of the Sawayama castle

It is the rare hanging scroll which Hidetada of the General 2's described in a play.
A person in the picture seems to be the foreigner who went in and out by trade in those days somehow or other. ( personal possession)
The picture which Hidetada Tokugawa drew by himself
This is a picture of the young drawn with well-known composition from old days. In addition, it appears in the books of the genre picture.It was recognized that this drew a figure of Hayato, Nagoya by the discovery of the original drawing.Hayato is a son of Sanzaburo Nagoya said a handsome man of the world.It is said that Sanzaburou had a rumor of the love with Okuni of Izumo.Hayato served the maeda family of Kaga."The short overgarment" of the picture shows the culture of the times. (personal possession)
Portrait of Nagoya-hayato
for  addressed to Naomasa II ,Tadakatsu Honda
Keicho era August 19, 5
The combined military unit of the east armed forces forded Kiso-gawa River in a preliminary skirmish of Sekigahara and decided to attack the enemy in Gifu.In this letter, they explain the situation for Honda and Ii,and promote an early departure  in a moment of Ieyasu.Such a secret document is burnt after a reading usually, but it is very interesting to exist in this way.It is the witness that the importance of this letter was understood from those days.
A letter from Nagamasa Kuroda and Masashige Tokunaga
The Tensho era April, 9 last day of the month.
for addressed to Kiyosaburou Kimata
Morikatsu Seizaburou Kimata served Ieyasu Tokugawa before becoming the chief vassal of the the Iis.He served Mitsuhide at one time and made many successes by Kataoka Castle and castle attacks of kanki.Kimata returned to the service of Ieyasu at Tensho 9.This article is a letter of the Mitsuhide just after that.In the letter, the fall of a castle of high Tenjin Castle is written, and Mitsuhide calls Ieyasu by name without any honorific title  in the sentence.This is an interesting document understanding the then situation and energy of Mitsuhide very clearly.
The letter from Mitsuhide Akechi.
This document is an answer of Nobunaga for the crane of Takano given by Ieyasu.around October in1580 when Ieyasu captured Takatenjin Castle (it fell in March,1581) and changed position to Mamushizuka. Because it was made to force an unquestioning obedience for Nobunaga with the force, it was the hard times for Ieyasu. There are extremely few documents which Nobunaga sent to Ieyasu.
The existing documents already is four, and it is only five includeing this document.State of preservation is not so good.In addition, the most of the document of Ieyasu of this time are to the Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine. We can watch personal negotiations of Nobunaga and Ieyasu on this letter.
In addition, Nishio of the sentence is Kozaemon (Okinokami) Yoshitsugu of the vassal of Nobunaga. In this time, he was dispatched as inspection. Naomasa got it from Ieyasu, and it was transmitted in the Ii head family. This historical materials were discovered several years ago, Because a new fact became clear, I carried it by the hope of the person of possession again.
(personal possession)
The letter with a black seal of Nobunaga Oda
(to Ieyasu Tokugawa)
which was handed down to the direct line of descendant of Ii family.