(Top right corner) The portrait of later years of Nagatane Soma who was the founder of Senshu University(from "Nagatane Soma biography")
(A bottom) A letter from history of Senshu University grade editing room to the director(1979)
<The master of Hikone feudal clan and retainers of the late Tokugawa period >
A central person is Naotatsu Ii (a child of Naosuke) (two pieces of photographs).It is a photograph when he went to U.S.A. to study.There was an inquiry from history of age editing room of the Senshu university whether there was Nagatane Soma of the founder of the university in an upper photograph 27 years ago.They had asked the National Research Institute of Police Science of the Metropolitan Police Department for judgment, but it was said that a clear answer was not given.I was able to imagine the face in the youth from the photograph of later years of Nagatane immediately. Nagatane is the second person from the left of the front row of the right photograph.I answered in it to the university. (reprint from "a sword and an armor and the history"written by director Ii)

<Aged people of the Hikone feudal clan and earl of Naotada Ii>No.2
The left person of the front row is Inshin Okubo. (In Hikone Genkyuen)
<Aged people of the Hikone feudal clan and earl of Naotada Ii>No.1
The third person from the front row left is earl of Naotada Ii.His right is Mr.Naoyoshi Ii and the left is Mr.Naohiro Ii. (At the Hikone beach palace where was another house of the Iis)

The people of the Iis
(The introduction of the data to be related to) vol.2
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