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A collection of talks with Mr. Yo Tsumoto iNaoki Prize writerFwho became a popular writer at "Geten wa yumeka" which arrested Nobunaga Oda in a unique viewpointjand the Ii director was finally completed.
It is released all at once at a national bookstore in the end of July.

Price 1,500 yen
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A5size / 207 pages

Tatsuo Ii ~ Yo Tsumoto

@@@@@@@@"SHIGAN(A historical eye)"
@@@@@@@@@@- inexhaustible talk-
special price : 22,000yen (usual price : 25,200yen)
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B5size(box on) / 266pages
32pages of color photogravure‚“, the 8pages are monochrome

66pictures( including armor etc..)
300-volume limitation
(history of II family successive generation Armor and foundation army)
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@author: Superintendent TATSUO II

Written by Tatsuo Ii "RED ARMOR- Takeda, Ii and Sanada -" were published by Miyaobi publishing company in Kyoto. Importance region of "II GUNSHI - Naomasa Ii and red former army corps -" and "history of II family successive generation Armor and foundation army" (which were a conventional books) is quoted ,and old book documents of the red preparation relations that became acquisition difficulty is largely revised correction and are registered again more now. In addition, it is substantial one book which new discovery and an unpublished red armor are loaded to full capacity with."Hansuke Okamoto -Rare schemer-" is written newly as an appendix .It is One decisive volume of the red armor.

Japanese Red Armor

Red armor began to appear in Japan from the middle of the Muromachi period.

At first, few wore red armor and only out of personal preference.

It was not until the end of the Muromachi / beginning of the Sengoku period that samurai began to wear red armor as a distinguishing group uniform.

These groups of Red armored Samurai were called gAkazonaeh.

The Takeda clan is well known as the originator of Akazonae.

There were others, however, Akazonae of the Hojo and the Sanada clans, but the Takeda were most revered for bravery and fighting prowess.

The Takeda clan was routed in Tensho 10(1582).

The Takeda Akazonae were afterward allied to Naomasa Ii, the first aide of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Naomasa Ii fought together with many brave survivors of the Takeda, and together clinched many a battlefield victory.

So well known were the Akazonae of the Ii clan that they became synonymous with red armor in Japan.

I, Tatsuo Ii, am the progeny of the head family of the Ii clan.

I take pride that my collection of red armor is preeminent in both quality and quantity.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@The 19th generation descendant of Ii Naomasa

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Tatsuo Ii

RED ARMOR - Takeda, Ii and Sanada -

: Superintendent TATSUO II
special price : 19,000yen (usual price : 21,000yen)
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B5size / 544pages

34pages photogravure
466pictures about armors,papers..
300-volume limitation (the remainder is slight).

@@ii gunshi

-II NAOMASA & Red Armor Army-
author: Superintendent TATSUO II
Limited special books
special price : 21,000yen (usual price : 23,100yen)
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A5size / about 800pages
The 4pages of beginning-of-a-book are color photogravure, the 12pages are monochrome photogravure
300-volume limitation (the remainder is slight).

The collection of articles about Armor & Sword
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@by Tatsuo II


@@author: Superintendent TATSUO II

A redecorated version

A redecorated version

Price 2,940 yen
<including tax /a mailing cost isn't included>
A5size / 257 pages
(32 pages of colorplates)
* The original picture of the cover
- screen of Osaka NatsunojiniHikone-jo Castle Museum storehousej
(All the books are written in Japanese.)
a hardcover, paper of fine quality, a deluxe edition
63 color pictures, 24 monochrome photographs
- data photograph full load -

reki tei shu
occasional thoughts about Tatsuo Ii's collection
u—π ’φ Wv
edit: Superintendent TATSUO II
Add to preface of Mr.Michihiro Tanobeimanaging director and  special research worker of  Japanese Sword Museumj and Takashi Miyazaki(the superintendent of Nara Prefectural Art Museum) that they wrote when Nakamura armor&sword museum(present-Kyoto ‚h‚‰ museum) was open, special essay manuscript of Takanori@Hasegawaicurator of @Ishikawa Prefectural History Museumj,Takeo ‚h‚‰ (The history compilation room of a city of the Hikone board of education/The 18 generation of the Hikone clan Ii family) ,Yoshikazu Mori(Assistant professor of Kyoto Women University . former Hikone Castle museum curator) and photographs, special exhibition table of the Kyoto Ii museum etc. was newly added this time, and it was published as "rekiteishu."
special price : 3,800yen
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*The price was reformed for paper-of-fine-quality use.

200-volume limitation
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